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  the different kind of slot 1 cards
Posted by elkmoose on Thu, August 6th, 2009 at 17:56 - 1 Comments
elkmoose Austria

the different kind of slot 1 cards:

this list assembles the clone cards I know of, please keep in mind that there are also clone cards out there which look like the original cards and even use their firmware, they are not listed separately in this compilation.

I also know this listing is not complete, there are more cards out there, but I didn't have the chance to examine them until now, so if you have additional information about other cards, feel welcome to share your research and experience.

this list is exclusively posted to ds-scene.net and gbatemp.net forums, of which I am a member for quite some time now, but didn't post a lot in the past. I felt like it was time to contribute something to these great communities which helped me a lot of times finding answers to my questions.

you may link to this post, but please don't republish it.


R4 DS and its clones:

E7   http://www.dse7.net
M3 DS Simply   http://www.m3adapter.com
Mars   http://www.ndsmars.com
N5 DS   http://www.dsn5.com
NPlayer   http://www.ndsplayer.com
R4 i.L.S. a)   http://www.r4li.net
R4 II Upgrade   http://www.r4nds.cn
R4 III New Upgrade   http://www.r4dsl.net
R4 NDSL Revolution 3 l)   http://www.ndslr4.com
R4 SDHC  l)   http://www.r4sdhc.com
R4i SDHC l)   http://www.r4sdhc.com

a) they have also an updated firmware online which works on the original R4 DS
l) these cards come all from the same factory/producer and are more or less identical


AceKard, AceKard Plus, AceKard R.P.G., AceKard 2, AceKard 2.1, AceKard 2i http://www.acekard.com and their clones:

R4 Ultra   http://www.r4ultra.com
R4i Advance   http://www.r4i-advance.com
R4i Deluxe   http://www.r4deluxe.com
R4i Gold b)   http://www.r4ids.com
R4i Pro (red label)   http://www.r4ipro.com
R4i Super b)   http://www.super4i.com
R4i Ultra   http://www.r4ultra.com

b) these cards are identical, coming from the same factory


DSTT, DSTTi http://www.ndstt.com and their clones:

CN-DSTT c)   http://www.cndstt.com
DSTT Advance m)   http://www.dstt-adv.com
DSTTi Upgrade (blue card)   http://www.nds-tti.com
M3 Adaptes d)   http://www.m3adaptes.com
M3i Upgrade d)   http://www.m3iupgrade.com
M3L Upgrade d)   http://www.m3iupgrade.com
Neoflash TTDS c)   http://www.neoflash.com
R4 III SDHC Upgrade   http://www.r4iiisdhc.com
R4 SDHC Upgrade   http://www.r4i-sdhc.com
R4 Top   http://r4top.com
R4i Gold Pro   http://www.r4-pro.com
R4i SDHC Upgrade   http://www.r4i-sdhc.com
R4i Upgrade   http://www.ndsr4i.com
U2 DS   http://www.u2ds.com

c) these cards claim to be original, the fake detector also identifies them as original
d) despite what the card claims, Sakura OS will not work on this card
m) surprise: this card has a better compatibility than the original


EZ-Flash V, EZ-Flash V New Year Edition, EZ-Flash V Plus, EZ-Flash Vi http://www.ezflash.cn and their clones:

R4i f)   http://www.r4i.cn
R4i Hyper e)   http://www.hyper4i.com

e) this card uses a hacked EZ-Flash V 2.0 beta OS
f) not 100% sure if this is an EZ-Flash clone, but has same compatibility like EZ-Flash V


M3 DS Real, M3i Zero http://www.m3adapter.com and clones:

iTouch 2 (M3) (different firmware) g)   http://www.itouchds.com
iTouchDS (M3) (different firmware) g)   http://www.itouchds.com
M3 Sakura (pink label .jp only) g)   http://www.m3sakura.jp
R4 SDHC (M3) (iTouch clone) g)   http://www.r4rts.cn
R4i SDHC (M3) (iTouch clone) g)   http://www.r4rts.cn
R4i SDHC & RTS (M3) (iTouch clone) g)   http://www.r4rts.cn

g) all these cards are produced by M3 Adapter team


N-Card and its clones:

DS Fire Link i)   http://www.dsfirelink.com
DSLinker Ex h) i)   http://www.dslinker.cn
DSLinker h) i)   http://www.dslinker.cn
F-Card i)   http://www.dsfirelink.com
Neoflash K6 i)   http://www.neoflash.com
R4 DS 2GB i)   http:// ?

h) produced by Supercard team
i) all these cards are using the same Firmware and OS as the original N-Card


Supercard DS One v1, v2, v3, Supercard DS One i http://www.supercard.cn

iPlayer j)   http://www.dsiplayer.com

j) not a real clone, but seems to be produced by Supercard team


Ninjapass X9TF http://www.ninjapass.com


CycloDS Evolution http://www.cyclopsds.com and its clones:

Edge k)   http://www.edge-ds.cn

k) looks like a CycloDS clone without the ingame rts and cheat function


Neoflash R6 Gold, Neoflash R6 Silver http://www.neoflash.com

 » Comment on: the different kind of slot 1 cards
djdarkknight United States

  Thu, August 6th, 2009 at 21:42
clones are cards made by a company other the who made it
its like if wb made superman on dvd and without permission sony made and sold the same dvd
they dont have the right to do so nor spent the time or money to make the movie

clone cards make me sick

good you got some m3 stuff wrong
M3 DS Simply is not a clone r4 was nothing in the start so they need help to get off the ground went to m3 in return they made m3 cards thats the short ver
r4 and simply made by r4 team and made in same factory so there for not a clone

iTouch 2 not part of m3 team products itouch is but kind of a clone of real but its m3 so not a clone

m3 bout out G6 DS Real and made there real card but thats a buyout not clone (not listed but say anyway)
M3 Sakura (the real card with pink label) is just a pink label not a clone the real ds label has sakura on it now so does that make real a clone of the real card no!!!it does not

and i think the www.r4rts.cn is a clone of r4 but thats why it got all the news
r4 is dead flat line no more gone with the wind
i dont know that much about the card as far as m3 team involvement with it but they put there name or support with the card because they are cofounders of the r4 it makes that r4 like the real r42

i follow m3
my ds history
m3 perfect then m3 simply then to real now m3i zero haha i didnt buy my dsi till i got my m3i zero in the mail

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