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 » Comment on: Nintendo 3DS update from Nintendo World 2011
Foxi4 Poland

  Sat, January 8th, 2011 at 12:43
Day by day i'm getting less excited about the 3DS. Don't get me wrong - it's still awesome. It's just that Ninny Boys reveal more and more of its "hidden flaws". I'll just make a brief list.

1. It's basically built on miniaturized hardware. It's the third console in a row that re-uses the "Gamecube-Like" structure of hardware and firmware. Of course, we can't confirm that until we see a hacked unit ourselves, but seeing how many remakes and what kind of features this console has, it's safe to assume it'll work on the very same scheme we've seen on the NGC and Wii, and that's... disappointing?

2. Overall GPU Power. I can understand that the PICA GPU has twice the fillrate of the PSP's, generates a similar or slightly higher ammount of triangles, (generates 30-40 million of triangles per second while the PSP generates 33 million), has twice the VRAM (2MB for PSP, 4MB for 3DS) but when we think about it, it has to generate twice as much graphics due to its total resolution (this is caused by using two screens, obviously). That said, we get nearly IDENTICAL graphics performance on both units. Again, disappointing. To be expected, judging from previous Nintendo consoles which always stayed in the "safe zone" and never really chased after the latest technology, but disappointing none the less.

3. While the main CPU is still to be unveiled, people speculate that it will be either two ARM CPU's or one dual core ARM. While the dual core option is quite awesome... I'm leaning towards the simpler "two ARM's" theory. Why? Well, we observed it in previous designs, didn't we? The GBA, DS, the DSi. It was always a main processing unit plus a co-processor. That, or stepping management like on the Wii to assure backwards compatibility. Meh >> It'll be the DS's processor jammed next to another, slightly stronger one. If it won't, I'll be really glad.

4. Mandatory updates. While this will be blocked on nearly every user's router, it's still annoying to have to block NUS just because some company wants to keep you away from Homebrew and/or Piracy. You paid for the console and you've got the damn right to do whatever you want with it, even if you're breaking the law in the process. It's THE OWNER's bloody console, so get your updating paws off it, Ninny!

5. Release list. I'm waiting for freaking Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, why are you serving me this while you already showed me the awesome games? I want the awesome ones, dammnit! >> Sure, cool, Samurai Warriors, Street Fighter, Ridge Racer (some people like it, I prefere NFS). Great. Gimme my Snake and my Zombie Massacre.

End of Transmission

This post has been edited by Foxi4, Sat, January 8th, 2011 at 12:49

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