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  Open Patch
Posted by Triforce on Tue, June 1st, 2010 at 06:59 - 0 Comments
Triforce United Kingdom

Open Patch
Fix releases

Open Patch is a tool shared on 2ch that helps users to apply hex edit fixes to remove protection on ROMs (predominantly but not limited to Japanese ROMs). You may notice on a lot of the release threads that a hex edit gets posted before a patch. Despite how easy it is to manually edit ROMs in a hex editor people still manage to get stuck.

This is where Open Patch can save you a bit of time. It looks for a CRC32 match from a text file, and then edits the ROM from the information given inside. Anyone can update the Gamelist.txt to add a new fix. All you'll need to do is copy paste a hex fix into the text file and then drag & drop the ROM onto the exe.

The game list used Japanese names for all its entries, which I've manually edited to English and cleaned up the numbers to match our release list. I also added a nicer looking icon to the executable. This release will patch most of the protected Japanese ROMs from 2472 - 4977. Anything after that and you'll need to add the fixes yourself.

Download Download   2ch [Via 2ch]


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