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  Fatsort 1.0.4 beta
Posted by retrohead on Sun, May 7th, 2006 at 17:30 - 0 Comments
retrohead United Kingdom


Here is a handy application I found a while back for sorting your files on Supercard SD/CF (I do not own a M3 or other so do not know if you even need this function or not but it is primarily meant for mp3 players etc). It is quite old so the reason for posting it now is? Well I wanted it while i was in Florida and couldn't find it for the life of me and I had spent a good few hours looking for it, I get back to the uk and google exactly the same and it comes up top of the list so here it is. Fatsort 1.0.4beta totally free FAT file sorting!

FATSort is designed to change the order of the files on the disk. This is useful when a device lists the files on the drive without sorting them by any own criteria. Then the files will be listed in the same order as they were copied to the disk.

Files will be reordered in one of three choices: Alphabetical order, Play list order or random order. Folders will be reordered in either alphabetical order or in random order.


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