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Posted by Ferretboy007 on Fri, March 16th, 2007 at 22:27 - 0 Comments
Ferretboy007 Christmas Island


Spinal has released his game SensitiveDS.

This is a very great puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, the gameplay is simple, yet very addictive!

Please note this if for FAT cards only (sorry) and must be Dldi patched to work (it is currently patched for R4DS).
Sensitive will create a folder on your card called 'sensitive' for storing its data. Please do not delete this (unless you no longer play SensitiveDS).

SensitiveDS is compatable with DSMotion Card, so you can tilt your way around this extremely fun puzzler. Just insert the motion card on the main title screen and a logo will apear on the top screen to show you have inserted it correctly.

In each level you must move the disk over every orange and green tile then get to the exit. If you fall off, you must start over.

There are five options in the main menu, they are -

[1] Instructions - Give you a breaif explanation of how to play.
[2] Challenge - Play as many levels as you can in one life.
[3] Puzzle - Complete each puzzle to unlock the next one.
[4] Custom Levels - Play some levels created with the Level Editor.
[5] Level Editor - Create your own levels to play in custom mode.

Download SensitiveDS Here



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