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Posted by retrohead on Fri, January 19th, 2007 at 15:14 - 0 Comments
retrohead United Kingdom


Mollusk is showing his support for the new Motion cards that seem to be cropping up. He has released remakes of some of his more popular homebrew games but included a control system which used the DS Motion Card.

Ok, as Keith was kind enough to send me a sample, I added the DSMotion code to PAlib (or rather, 'a la PAlib'), as you may have seen in the latest beta...

Then, I ported 2 games and did a quick drawing demo :

DoubleSkill is the DoubleSkill game that probably not many people heard of Kind of a brain destroyer, but you should really get your hands on it if you have a DS Motion...

Carre Rouge is a classic, plays pretty weirdly at first with the motion sensor, but is actually quite challening and intesting...

And the last one is a draw demo, nothing much to say about it :
Motion Draw
New version, with progressive speed of drawing

Circular Defense

Mental Pong
Added another game : Mental Pong. Basically, the commands change every 10 points, good luck
If you don't have a DS Motion, it goes into stylus mode ;)


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