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  iDeaS beta (Win)
Posted by Nathan on Mon, September 12th, 2011 at 22:32 - 1 Comments
Nathan Slovenia

[User Posted Image]iDeaS beta
Nintendo DS emulator (Win)
[User Posted Image]

Changelog (11/09/11) 
  • Fixed a bug in BOX_TEST routine.
  • Fixed a bug in conversion routines for fixed point to float point numbers (3D routines).
  • Fixed a bug in SWAP_BUFFER with multicores support.
  • Fixed a bug in Alpha Blending mode iwth 3D layer and 2D layers.
  • Fixed a bug in Palette Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug in ARM9 abort routine.
[User Posted Image]
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AsPika3172 Malaysia

  Tue, January 10th, 2012 at 00:28
LOL... From beta version, is now FINAL version! Plus, the website for Ideas emulator was changed into...


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