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  NeoMyth Details and Pics
Posted by retrohead on Tue, July 18th, 2006 at 19:45 - 1 Comments
retrohead United Kingdom


NeoFlash a while ago released an extremely distorted picture of thier new device to be known as NEO MYTH. A competition was held to see who could guess what the new product would be.

Yesterday NeoFlash released information on the new product so here it is in all it's glory. Neo Myth, the 3-in-1 Adaptor for MD/SNES/N64. Exciting stuff to say the least!

the NEO MYTH is the universal SEGA / SENS and N64 adaptor,you can plug the NEO2 serial into these adaptor then can copy the SEGA/SENS/N64 rom to NEO2 cart to play on different console,and build in USB port can connect to PC to transfer data directly,even you can use these adaptors as the USB Slim Loader to burn gba/nds rom! in this way the NEO2 serial cart can use on GBA/SP/GBM/NDS/NDS-lite/SEGA/SNES/N64,and the new console in neoteam project 11 too! this is NEO MYTH,over.


The first photo release for NEO MD 3in1 flash cart, it can support up to 1Gb neo2 serial.

In fact the NEO MD 3in1 flash cart is one USB Slim loader IV + MD interface,so it can burn any MK3/MD5/32X rom to the neo2 serial through the USB link cable,and play the MK3/MD5/32X rom on your SEGA 16 bit console immediately.

And of course you can burn the GBA/NDS roms to it and play on any GBA/NDS console too,just like the MGD2 idea,but it's more easy to use and can support different console directly.

That's why we call use neo2 serial flash cart on MD/SNES/N64 is NEO MYTH project.

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Triforce United Kingdom

  Wed, July 19th, 2006 at 23:06


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