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  BBCode FAQ - Read here for a full list of supported tags
Posted by retrohead on Sat, June 17th, 2006 at 22:46 - 1 Comments
retrohead United Kingdom

Introduction to BB-Tags

Due to the various forums on the internet, there can be many kinds of supported BBCode. If you don't know what it is, then let me explain. BBCode is used for two main reasons:
1. Formatting text when html is required to be restricted.
2. Making it easier for the user to remember the formatting techniques wit the use of [tags].

The [tags] are written in a very simple manner and perform funcitons like making text bold, adding url links and many others.

Here is an example on how simple BB-Tags are written:
[b]BOLD TEXT[/b] would look like this BOLD TEXT

Using the above technique combined with the features supported, you can create proffessional looking posts quite easily on DS-Scene.

List of supported tags

Many of the tags have assigned buttons except for a small few. There are a few that you must type them manually. If the code has an icon, it is clickable when you create your post. If it has "list" in the icon column, there is a drop down list when you create your post. If it has "none" in the icon column then you must type it manually

Here are the different types:

Simple Tags

Icon Feature Example
Insert Image [img]http://www.ds-scene.net[/img]
Insert Image (no auto resize) [img_nr]http://www.ds-scene.net[/img_nr]
Insert Link [url]http://www.ds-scene.net[/url]
Email Link [email]blah@ds-scene.net[/email]
Bold Text [b]Bold Text[/b]
Italic Text [i]Italic Text[/i]
Underlined Text [u]Underlined Text[/u]
Strike-Through Text [s]Strike-Through Text[/s]
Left Align Text [left]Left Align Text[/left]
Right Align Text [right]Right Align Text[/right]
Center Align Text [center]Center Align Text[/center]
Text Indent [indent]Text Indent[/indent]
Quote Box [quote]Quote Box[/quote]
Code Box [code]Code Box[/code]
none NFO Box [nfo]NFO Box[/nfo]
none Spoiler Box [spoiler]Spoiler Box[/spoiler]
none Ignore BBCode [notags:][b][/notags:] *remove the ":". The tag is notags.

Advanced Tags

Icon Feature Example
Insert Image At Set Size [img=100,100]http://www.ds-scene.net[/img] *width,height.
Insert Image At Set Size (no auto resize) [img_nr=100,100]http://www.ds-scene.net[/img_nr] *width,height.
Link Text To URL [url=http://www.ds-scene.net]Text To Link[/url]
Link Text To Email [email=blah@ds-scene.net]Text To Link[/email]
Bulleted List - Bullets [list][*]line1[*]line2[*]line3[/list] *use [*] for each line.
Bulleted List - Numbers [list=1][*]line 1[*]line 2[*]line 3[/list] *use [*] for each line.
none Bulleted List - Letters [list=a][*]line a[*]line b[*]line c[/list] *use [*] for each line.
Insert Flash At Set Size [flash=100,100]http://www.ds-scene.net[/flash] *width,height.
list SET A SIZE FOR TEXT [size=20]Set A Size For Text[/size] *sizes are 10 to 28 and are in pixels.
Text Background Colour [background=yellow]Text Background Colour[/background]
Colour Of Text [color=green]Colour Of Text[/color] *can be name or hex i.e. 'orange' or '#FF9900'.
list Set A Font For Text [font=Impact]Set A Font For Text[/font] *the font can be anything but will only be visible by people with that font installed.
none Headed Quote Box [quote=Header]Quote Box[/quote]
none Headed Spoiler Box [spoiler=Header]Spoiler Box[/spoiler]
YouTube Embbed a YouTube Video [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzPF4wR0Sr4[/youtube]
Position an image on the right [imgr]http://blah/image.gif[/imgr]
Position an image on the right (no auto resize) [imgr_nr]http://blah/image.gif[/imgr_nr]
Position an image on the left [imgl]http://blah/image.gif[/imgl]
Position an image on the left (no auto resize) [imgl_nr]http://blah/image.gif[/imgl_nr]
Opens ds-scene image viewer [imgv=Header Description,http://blah/image.gif]click for image[/imgv]
video Opens ds-scene FLV player [flv=FLV Description,http://blah/movie.flv,320,260]click for movie[/flv]


:)       Many smilies are supported. A full list of supported smilies is available when you create a new post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does DS-Scene enforce the use of BB-Tags.
A. HTML can cause problems with the layout of the page. Therefore it is necessary to force users to post using BB-Tags

Q. I've tried combining tags but they are not appearing correctly. What am I doing wrong?
A. Some tags do not like being overlapped or mixed with other tags. In general you should be able to combine the tags but some combinations can cause errors or the post not to display as intended

Q. Can I use PHP or similar tag from A.N.Other forum?
A. No you cannot. All compatable tags are detailed here though requests for new tags will be considered.

Q. Can I have more information on BBCode?
More information on tags and BBCode can be found on Wikipedia.

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 » Comment on: BBCode FAQ
retrohead United Kingdom

  Thu, September 6th, 2007 at 02:48
I have updated the spoiler and quote boxes so you can now make custom headers. Here is the syntax and an example

Heading goes here 
Text goes here

Spoilers work aswell

Here is the code used to create the boxes you see here

[quote=Heading goes here]Text goes here[/quote]

[spoiler=Spoilers work aswell]:w00t:[/spoiler]

This post has been edited by retrohead, Thu, September 6th, 2007 at 03:33

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