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  Looking for Flashcart Information
Posted by gambitjoe on Wed, June 24th, 2015 at 21:47 - 1 Comments
gambitjoe United States

Hey guys, I see this board hasn't had a topic as of late. Im just looking for some general info regarding the state of flashcarts for the nds.

Currently I have a m3DSReal for my lite and an m3izero for my xl. there hasn't been updates for these in forever obviously.

My question is, is there anything better I should be using, that may still be  supported or just stick with what I have.

It does seem everything is moving to the 3ds side of things but I just wanna make sure the nds scene is either dead or still kicking


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Ochibi666 Philippines

  Sun, October 25th, 2015 at 04:52

Dude i get what your saying, i have EDGE ds for my ds lite, it's been so long since there was an update on its firmware, but i don't have any troubles with new roms, Ds-Scene has Ds-scene tool,which can patch AP if you have troubles with a game,

and yeah, everything is headed for 3DS the DS had a long Run, new games on DS are few/[Rare]and some are not good,

SO i guess it's safe to say, you can Stay on your Current Carts cause there won't be anything major happening on the nDS~

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