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  Rayman Origins Demo Bug
Posted by Tibia821 on Tue, January 21st, 2014 at 15:09 - 0 Comments
Tibia821 Germany

So as a guy  who can't afford sh*t I really like playing the demos that come out in E-Shop.
Today during class I discovered a rather funny bug in the Rayman Origins demo.

To trigger it you need to finish the first level on 100%
It must be the first level as it's the only one that saves your progress temporarily.

While you are in this screen hold down your R button and press A.
In menu press down then A while still holding down the R button.
You should now enter the main menu. Something which is obviously not allowed in the Demo.

In this menu you can move freely however the game freezes if you want to use the streetpass function.
If you try watching the Credits the game will get stuck on the loading screen.
But you get access to the Options to change the volume so thats neat.

Oh and btw. Rayman Legends is the best thing ever since Rayman 3.


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