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  Um hi, i have a problem - (i hope this ...in the right place)
Posted by azurekite23 on Fri, April 26th, 2013 at 03:02 - 1 Comments
azurekite23 Uruguay

Um hi, im new in here and i dont want to break any rules of anything but i have a problem trying to know where tu put this. Guys i buy weeks ago a R4iTT, i feel so happy because i can play the games i want and not...Animal crossing 24/7...and it works perfect, but i have little problems with one game.
The game is Pokemon Black 2, at first it just freeze with a white Screen, i learn that i need to disable the soft reset to play it normaly, well, i did it and it works fine but now i have another problem, when i want to active the C-Gear it just freeze again. Surfing the internet i found that i need to do a lot of things wit AP Codes and things like that, and i understand some of that but there is a little problem. I read for a guide in another page that i need to use something called RetroGameFan Multicart Update, i find it here, i download it but...it does not have the "things" for my R4 ("Things" because i dont know exactly their names) it haves for other models like R4i Gold, R4i SDHCYSMenu but nothing says "R4iTT".
The other games just play fine, metroid, Mario kart, Phantasy Star, wario ware, etc. They work perfect in single player and playing online, but i dont know the problem with this game...i hope guys you can help me or at least tell me where i can find help because i dont even know if this kind of things are posted in here. I hope you dont get mad or something. And thank you in advice.
(Sorry if my english is kind of...bad...horrible but im from uruguay and i have some problems trying to write in english yet)

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sarkwalvein Argentina

  Sun, April 28th, 2013 at 20:30

Please, don't write walls of text, it is difficult to read.
Write short sentences.

Try patching your game with this: http://www.ds-scene.net/?s=viewtopic&nid=11056

It may or may not work, I've been away for a long time so I'm not sure anymore. But trying shouldn't hurt.

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