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  Pokemon B/W 2 Expression after beating the game
Posted by Tibia821 on Tue, July 10th, 2012 at 20:52 - 1 Comments
Tibia821 Germany

Disclaimer: I am a Single Player Pokemon Player so Story is really Important for me.

I must say I'm again disappointed with the Story of Pokemon Black/White 2
Now while Playing the Japanese Version I cant really say I understood much what was going on but the pictures say more then thousand words.
when I first saw the first picture of the new Unova I thought "Sweet Neo Team Plasma gonna Freeze the half of Unova. Sounds epic to me"
but what I got is that only 1 town got frozen.

I also miss something that disappointed me in the first Pokemon B/W.
You had 2 Friends both with Starter Pokemon and there is the new feature of 3 Pokemon Fighting at the same time.
for me it was obvious "There needs to be a epic battle with your friends against Team Plasma commanders like they did in diamond and perl with your rival" but no. Nintendo decided to not include any of this.

The third disappointment was when I've got to fight Kyurem. Is it me or was he really uncatchable? anyway i thought that the game says "Go and find Reshiram/Zekrom and fight against N's Father when he attacks one of the other Cities" but again none of this happens. My Lucario was enough to One-hit His entire Team + Kyurem.

Also I don't like the new Road to the Top 4 its kinda short and unchallengeing.

But I have to give Nintendo some Credits. The 3D Sequences are looking awesome and the new features are quite fun and Even if the story is a Little short its definitely worth to buy it at american/european release date.

Now I'm Interested of your Thoughs of the Story/Game and what you think should be/shouldn't be in the game.

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Zilchrion United States

  Wed, July 11th, 2012 at 20:19
atleast one town got frozen. for the most part any plans that team rocket and alike make usually bears no fruit. for the most part the player stops them as they kick start it

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