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 » Diddy Kong Racing DS Tournament - April 7th 2007 Onwards
  around, revealing
Posted by ggoopkhj on Sat, April 7th, 2012 at 02:00 - 1 Comments
ggoopkhj American Samoa

so many.
Wu Yun worked the car, step too late, the last position just in front of her man an ass to sit down.Wu Yun crammed standing carriage central.
After a while, Wu Yun-feel to a little strange, a hard top in her hip.
Wu Yun-back, saw a 40-year-old man close to their own standing, wearing a pair of glasses, looks down as polite as pie.
Wu Yun frowned, and and crammed
moved to another position.
Bus to a station, a group of people down, more people come up, glasses behind her.
Car line, staggered, Wu Yun again sleep for a while to endure endure wipe, this has been the top in her ass, moving across the layer of fabric.
Glasses are assured that she would not call it?
Guess it is also true.She will not call.
She just turned around, revealing a smile towards him.Glasses Lengzheng the effort, she has turned around and fist pounding on the doors of his face, shouted.
"Fuck you from the car door has been chasing me here to linger in my rear end you stop?"
The silence of the entire vehicle, uniform look to Ng Yun.
Side of temples of the glasses have been left behind from behind the ears, hanging on the other side of the ear, and looked a little embarrassed. He probably did not think that this woman could be so sturdy.Quickly righting the glasses excuse: "The car squeeze some collision, careless ..."
"Careless head of your mother!" Wu Yun interrupted the glasses, then the finger at his collar, "Ah you dare to take off the pants people look at? I do not say anything you Ah injection is necessary to! of such goods in respect of the call the police to come here and make you and your family know What the fuck is the kind your mother born also did not forget to look back at one of the two goods! "
The carriage broke out in a burst of laughter.
Glasses, nfl jerseys wholesale face burst red burst of white, just the bus departure and arrival, and hurried panic to get off the cries away.
The car started again, Wu Yun-side look empty, then no one would dare close to her.

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Reason: lmao

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wiimancj Romania

  Sat, April 7th, 2012 at 07:04

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