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  "EMS GB USB Smart Card 64M" Pr...Ordinary Game Boy !
Posted by Happy Puppy on Sat, January 14th, 2012 at 22:20 - 0 Comments
Happy Puppy Macedonia The Former Yugoslav Republic of


Before a couple of days ago I recieved the EMS GB USB Smart Card 64M from Kitsch Bent.It's a Flash Cartridge for the Ordinary Monochrome Game Boy. (here is the link of the Online Store : http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/usb-64m-smart-card ).

I've Instaled the drivers (the drivers for 32 bit computers, because I have 32 bit AMD processor) and I've started the Main program GB_USB.exe wich comes in a CD with the Packaging. When I connected the Cartridge with the Computer via the USB cable the program Freezes and it shows that it haves some kind of "Error Code 31". When I'm unplug the USB the program Unfreezes.Here is how the program looks like when it Freezes:

Many of the users of this Flash Cartridge says tat this program and the drivers work very good on Windows XP 32bit version.
I've tried on this Operating system but nothing. The same result and even worst is with using the OS Windows 7.

I can't add some Roms to the Cartridge because the whole program freeses when I'm pressing on the program's Buttons (like "Add" or "Read")!
When I'm pluging the cartridge to the Game Boy the Cartridge works: It apears an Logo from the Kitsch Bent and when I'm pressing the A & B buttons an PD Demo apeares (like an Atari 2600 game) and you can play with an square entering in a castle. It is really anoying because is a Brand New Cartridge and I can't fill it with Roms and play with them !

I've writed so many letters to Kithsch Bent for replacing the cartridge but they don't want to answer to me.
Even they dont want to help with an advice for this problem :(

Does anybody haves such a problem? Please help. Anykind of tips and advices will be helpfull.

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