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  Need For Speed Pro Street - DS version
Posted by whitevalkery on Sat, July 24th, 2010 at 09:47 - 0 Comments
whitevalkery Canada


Believe it or not, this is actually not only the best of the need for speed series on the ds, but possible the best racing game other then mario cart!

The graphics is smooth and good looking, the customization is nice, while the gameplay is pretty awesome too!
Sure it is a bit unbalanced, but the good looks and nice environment makes up for it.

how is it a bit unbalanced? in the beginning of the game, you could just win most of the races with the first try and sell the 2 other cars you get, and upgrade your very first car to the max. This fully upgraded car should get you well in to the middle of the game with out any trouble while you save up the rest of the money to buy the most expensive car available to you at the moment.

but anyways... here is IGN's review, and since i agree with it sooo much and i am probably going to just rephrase everything again anyways... i am just going to copy paste it here :P


here are my scores for it:
Gameplay: 7.5 (good and solid, though a bit unbalanced as i said)
Graphics: 8.5 (superb!) (though there are some little graphics bugs)
replay value: 8 (with all the game modes and immediate race day customization options, it will keep you coming back if you like racing games!)
sound: 7 (nice engine sounds)
Music: 2 (sorry... but i just hate all the annoying songs that get repetitive and isn't dramatic or anything at all... just plain annoying... it almost made me want to bunch every singer of each of the damn songs until i turned it off completely...)

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