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  Ez Skin Forger for Dummies - Learn how t...a skin for your EZ5
Posted by ccosmos2 on Mon, May 3rd, 2010 at 06:27 - 2 Comments
ccosmos2 French Southern and Antarctic Lands


I decided to open this thread so rookie's skinners got a base to start their very first skin.
I will use the wizard integrated in last EZ Skin Forger to show you how to simply build it.

Are you ready for your first skin ?

Well, time to start !  :)
First, you have to download the lastest version of Ez Skin Forger from this thread and unzip it on your hard drive.
Now you need to find 2 pictures for the upper screen and lower screen background. I'm sure you already have an idea about your futur skin.
Let say you wish to make one based on the movie Wall-e. Use google image to find some good pictures. Keep in mind that the lower screen will display system icons and some useful information like the game's name, so be sure to choose a picture that have enough space to display this, without be too much overwritten by them.

Ok, i have found 2 pictures and i copy them in ez skin forger's folder (let me call it ESF, to be easier).
ESF support BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, so be sure to download that type of pictures. ;)
The DS screen resolution is 256x192, mean you have to resize both pictures to this size.
Use your favorite painting software for that (i use one of those 2 freeware : Paint.net  or gimp for that).  

Here is the result of both files converted and resized (left to right : upper and lower picture)

Well, it's almost finished now. Time to launch ESF.
As you can see, the lower picture is quite dark. So here i will use white icon template.
Let's go !
Click New... button, the wizard window popup asking me to choose the template color.

I choose white. Now all i have to do is load my upper and lower pictures.
I click the button to browse to my pictures copied in ESF.
Both pictures are loaded now i can click OK.
The job is done ! you have finished your skin. 8)

Note that you can move every system icon and text with the pointer by simply drag and drop with left mouse button.
To test them, just click them with right button.

Ok, now to keep this skin for further modifications, it's time to save it on your hard drive.
Menu File -> Save As and give a name to your .ess file name. I will call it Wall-e and i click save. A file Wall-e.ess is created in current folder.

Now, i'm sure you are wondering something.
But how the hell i will use my new skin on my ezv ?

Well the last step is not done ... time to do it !

Menu Compile -> Make Full Pack. Enter a name, but be very careful here : The kernel requires skin file names to be a maximum of 8 letters in length, excluding the extension.
So here i will type walle and save. A window will pop-up and your skin will be recorded in ESF folder (Walle.dat).
Now you can copy the freshly created .dat file on your microSD in /EZ5shell/skin folder and try it on your DS.
That's it !

Ez Skin Forger
EZ Flash USA forum - Skin Section

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 » Comment on: Ez Skin Forger icon pack for Dummies
ShovelThumb Togo

  Mon, May 3rd, 2010 at 13:39
Great work ;)
 » Comment on: Ez Skin Forger for Dummies
ccosmos2 French Southern and Antarctic Lands

  Wed, July 7th, 2010 at 18:11
First post modified to match new version of Ez Skin Forger.

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