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  G6 Lite Review
Posted by Ferretboy007 on Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 17:19 - 7 Comments
Ferretboy007 Christmas Island

G6 Lite Review

What G6 Lite Is All About

The G6 Lite is a flashcard that supports both DS and GBA games.  What's nice about the G6 lite is it also plays FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, PCE, SEGA-MS and GG, all with a built in emulator.  It comes with four shells to use, three for DS Lite in white, black, and iceblue to match your DS Lite.  Also in the package comes with a GBA shell that is white enabling you to play with the G6 Lite in an older DS or use it as a GBA flash card in a Gameboy Advance or SP. The unit also comes with a U-Disk that plugs into a USB Port to allow you to directly transfer your games and other software to the G6 Lite within a matter of seconds. What is nice about the product is it comes in a nice metal tin with the G6 logo stamped on it. The G6 Lite has built in flash memory that comes in your choice of, a 1Gbit, 2Gbit and 4Gbit memory. For the review I used a 4Gbit card which equals 512mb of flash memory.  The G6 Lite also has a PDA built in. This unit also has a built in media player that supports the following formats:

  • DivX media file
  • MPEG-4 media file
  • QuickTime media file
  • VCD video file
  • Windows media file
  • MPEG-1 media file
  • MPEG-2 media file
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 file
  • Real media file
  • Wave form sound file of microsoft
  • Target file of DVD video
  • Dobly AC3 audio frequency file

Quite a bit in this little G6 Lite.


The software consists of a U-Disk manager that you run on your PC.  The purpose of the manager is to patch and place your game backups, homebrew, and other files onto the G6 flash card.  Patching the game is very simple and straight forward, just a couple of clicks of the mouse and the game will patch and write onto the flash card. The G6 team is always updating their software for the manager and for the flashcard firmware. These can both be easily downloaded from the G6 website and can easily be placed on the G6 Lite and your PC in a matter of seconds.

How The G6 Lite Fits DS Lite

The great thing about the G6 Lite is how it fits in your DS Lite.  It is small enough to fit perfectly flush in the GBA slot.  The only problem I encountered was the white was a bit off in color for my DS Lite. So you have no problems with the flash card sticking out like some of the other flash cards on the market. If by chance you don't have a DS Lite but you have the old DS or GBA then you still have no problem.  The G6 Lite comes with a shell that fits perfectly in the GBA slot. The G6 Lite is the first flash system that fit perfectly into both the DS Lite and the other older DS.

Game Back Up Compatibility

Right out of the package, I could not wait to try game back up's to see which ones would work with the G6.  I tried to use a variety of games from different regions to see which ones would work with the unit.  I found that all game back ups worked after I ran them though the G6 manager software.  Running them though the software, as I said before, is very straight forward and easy.  Out of all the games I have played I did not notice any slow down or glitches. Here is some of the games I tested.

Games Tested That Worked Perfectly:

  • Castlevania-Portrait Of Ruin (U)
  • Touch Detective (U)
  • Clubhouse Games (E)
  • Magical Starsign (U)
  • Yoshi Island DS (U)
  • Dead 'N' Furious (E)
  • Flushed Away (U)
  • Tomb Raider (E)
  • Gyakuten Saiban 2 (J)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (J)
  • Chocobo To Mahou No Ehon (J)

Homebrew Compatibility

The homebrew was a bit more difficult to grasp.  It was easy enough though, that you just renamed the homebrew file to .NDS and dragged and dropped it onto the G6 Lite.  Below I will list which homebrews I tried and the problems I had with them if any.

Game Back Up/Homebrew Working:

  • Lemmings DS (worked fine)
  • MegaETK-A Megaman Type Game (it did not save)
  • ScummVM DS (worked fine)
  • Beup (worked fine)
  • DSOrganize (older version worked, newer beta worked after patched)
  • Moonshell (worked fine)
  • NitroTracker (worked fine)
  • Boogle DS (worked fine)
  • Banjo Advance (no matter which way I tried, did not run)
  • DS LiveWeather (ran but needed to use the patch to get it to save settings)


The build quality is excellent.  From the packaging all the way to the U-Disk is like no other. The G6 Lite is made to last, you can tell by the material used to make it that it is quality.  Even the tin is padded on the inside to protect the G6 Lite and all of it's parts.  The menu on the G6 Lite is great because it has touch display and picture icons, which make the menu look superb. The built in emulators run fine and the built in media player works well. For all the game backups I tested, I did not come across one that did not run perfect. As for homebrew, as you can see by my testing, some homebrew does have a problem on the G6 Lite.  Most problems occurred when trying to save.  One of the G6 Lite's great features is it also plays all GBA games flawless. Over all the G6 Lite is a top of the line product. Only some minor issues with Homebrew will hold the G6 Lite back, but it excels in the area of game back ups. After all the testing I have done, I highly recommand the G6 Lite to any DS owner.

+ Extremly high game and homebrew combatability
+ Can also be used on older DS and GBA or GBA SP
+ Comes with three color shells for the DS Lite (Black, White, and Iceblue)[*]Excellent build quality
+ Very straightforward and simple to use[*]The G6 team is always updating the software for this product
+ Fits flush unlike some slot 2 flash cards
+ Has one of the nicest touch screen menu with icons

- Limited flash memory space (you can't upgrade)
- In a higher price range
- Some issues with certain homebrews
- Coping games to the flash card with a U-Disk takes a few seconds longer then using a card reader

Overall Score


 » Comment On: - G6 Lite Review
Vaskituh Portugal

  Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 17:43
Nice to see your review man, for a first time reviewer your doing well :)
Keep up the good work mate !
 » Comment On: - G6 Lite Review
Homie Portugal

  Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 17:52
I love your first review  :wub:
I didn know many things about the G6 and looks like that is a nice piece of hardware :)
 » Comment On: - G6 Lite Review
retrohead United Kingdom

  Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 18:04
Fantastic review mate! Its good to get some reviews of the older cards expecially as you can pick them up so cheap now. Maybe we will get around to reviewing all of our old flash cards at some point to add to the list.

Anyway nice one again mate and I look forward to your next one ;)
 » Comment On: - G6 Lite Review
muggsy New Zealand

  Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 19:50
I have very fond memories of my G6 Lite. It was my first proper solution (I refuse to accept that the Datel Max Media HDD was a solution.. more like a piece of... =).... )

Very indepth review, and a great help for anyone bamboozled with all the solutions out there... it has very high DS and GBA compatibility and is a great product.

Great job Ferretboy, and I look forward to many more insightful reviews
 » Comment On: - G6 Lite Review
zakanien United States

  Wed, January 24th, 2007 at 00:34
Is it possible to ask if the DS Opera Browser works (after hacking it) with this?
 » Comment On:
Rob_Threat United States

  Wed, January 24th, 2007 at 01:15
Today at 00:35

Is it possible to ask if the DS Opera Browser works (after hacking it) with this?

Sadly, no. It says it doesnt in the patch *.nfo, but Ive tried with DSLink & M3 Simply with the SuperCard and M3 patches... no joy.

Also, to add very minor corrections to the to otherwise good first review:

1. G6Lite is available in 4gb/512MB only (a 8gb/1GB version has been annouced) The previous G6 (the so-called 3rd Generation) was available in 1gb/128MB, 2gb/256MB, & 4gb/512MB.

2. The PDA is not built-in other than the G6 OS has an icon for it. It takes up a lot of the limited space (and it sucks).:)

edit: hey! it's working! thanx. :yaylite:

*edited on 2007/01/26 07:42:09 by Rob_Threat
 » Comment On:
retrohead United Kingdom

  Wed, January 24th, 2007 at 09:08
Rob_Threat Today at 02:07


that should read 4gb/1GB... the edit function is FUBAR

I'll look at that later.  blush

Edit - FIXED, please let me know if you get any more problems and i fyou would like me to delete any posts.

*edited on 2007/01/24 18:28:47 by retrohead

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