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  DS-Linker Official Review - Read the official review inside
Posted by Vaskituh on Sat, January 20th, 2007 at 23:30 - 6 Comments
Vaskituh Portugal

DS-Linker Official Review

Introduction & Packaging

The DS-X was the only Slot-1 Flashcard that had built-in memory, but now the Supercard Team distributed the DS-Linker. The DS-Linker is a flashcard that comes in 1Gbit, 4Gbits, or 8Gbits.
Some people actually feel that the DS-X and the DS-Linker are one of the best Slot-1 cards available. The reason for this is because of the memory built-in. The reason that it is good is because people don’t need to buy a Micro SD, SD, a Mini SD, and a Card Reader. We all know that can get expensive.

The main characteristics are :.

  • Original Size of a DS game
  • No need for Flashme, Passme, or convert
  • Boot from DS slot directly
  • Built-in memory design
  • Clear ROM support directly
  • Fine support
  • U-Disk Operation, just Drag 'n Drop
  • MoonShell support, MP3 & Movie

The DS-Linker looks great so far however I would recommond using a usb connection directly to the DS card. Instead of using the U-Disk as a GBA Card.

The DS-Linker comes in a small black box, just like the SuperKey. It has the same design, and you can easily see it was made by the SuperCard Team. Inside the box is a DS-Linker (why is it white? When the box shows its black), a transparent Gba Blue Writer, and a usb cable.


The DS-Linker is the same size as a normal DS Card. When comparing to the other slot-1 Flashcards it does not have a Micro SD slot. Which in turn makes it a little more easier to put into the DS slot. That way, you won't be afraid to break anything. The Gba cartridge is an excellent quality. The only problem I encountered was the usb did not insert fully.


The package does not come with a CD. However on the DS-Linker website, they have a OS with MoonShell. Just in case you accidently delete the information.

When you want to put on a game or file, you must plug both the DS-Linker and the Gba Card into the Nintendo DS. Plug the usb cable to the PC and the Gba Card. When you do, turn the Nintendo DS on and a blank screen will appear. The screen will say that it connected with U-Disk. Once it does that, the PC will detect it. All you need to do now is copy and paste the games or files you want.

Game Compatibility

Animal Crossing Wild World – (EUR) – Setting the save to 2Mbit
Big Brain Academy – (EUR)
Brain Training – (EUR)
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow – (EUR)
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin – (USA)
Cooking Mama – (EUR)  
Electroplankton – (EUR)
Elite Beat Agent – (USA) - Setting the save to 2Mbit
Final Fantasy III – (EUR)
Jump Super Stars – (JAP)
Jump Ultimate Stars – (JAP)
Pokemon Diamond – (JAP)
Polarium – (EUR)
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam – (EUR)
Trauma Center – (EUR)

Save Games

Most of the games work just fine with the save settings they have. However you need to force save on certain games. For example Elite Beat Agents, and Animal Crossing Wild World. When you enter the game you want, it will create a .Sav. That way you can back up anytime you want and later put it on the card again.

Homebrew Compatibilty

Currently there is no homebrew for the DS-Linker. I feel that since they have not updated until now they might decide not to support homebrew. There is MoonShell included on the OS, if you want to listen to music or watch a movie, you can always use it.


The DS-Linker is excellent for playing Nintendo DS backups, listening to music or watching movies. However that seems to be all. It does not come with extras, Gba compatibility or homebrew support.

+ I did not find a single game, that did not work correctly
+ Easy to use, except for some games that you need to force save
+ Great speed when putting a game on through usb
+ MoonShell built in for watching movies, and listening to music

- Does not support homebrew
- No Gba support
- The Box tells you the DS-Linker is black, when in fact it is white
- Uses U-Disk with Gba

Overall Score


DS-Scene would like to thank KickTrading for sending us a sample of the DS-Linker for reviewing purposes. Check out kicktrading for all the flashcards reviewed on ds-scene

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edge808 Philippines

  Mon, January 22nd, 2007 at 18:42
I had used this before and from what i can remember, transferring games unto the cart seems painfully slow.  Games worked perfectly though but the wait time will really try your patience.

Just wondering if youve experienced the same thing. or have they improved on their hardware.
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SamoZlo Ireland

  Wed, September 5th, 2007 at 16:19
I've got DS-Linker, and would like to add some things about it.
- homebrew work. well - most of homebrew at least. Geo-Wars is the only homebrew program, that didn't work on mine DSLite. DS Organize, Moonshell, QuakeDS, etc. - they all work fine. all you need to do is to update the firmware.
- something's wrong with my DS-Linker, cause it loses saves if I turn off the console after playing and don't turn it on again in less than 5-10 seconds. looks like the battery that keeps savegames in memory is dead or something. it's annoying, but I used to it. but I have to remember to turn on the console again after playing, o to the DSLinker menu, and turn it off after that. 5 seconds lost ;)
- transfer to the DS Linker. it's bit funny. I've got a PC with Windows Vista and XP on it. when I boot Vista the transfer to the DS Linker is SLOW. it's VERY SLOW. about 30-40 kBytes/s. and I've got all the drivers for USB, mainboard, etc. installed. on the other hand, with XP - it's FAST. about 1300-1800 kBytes/s. the same hardware. latest drivers in both cases. so I use XP to transfer my files to the DS Linker. pain in the a~~ anyway.
- dslinker site doesn't work anymore or is it just something wrong with my internet connection? can anyone check that?

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zapoqx United States

  Wed, September 5th, 2007 at 19:43
No, it seems DS Linker's site doesn't work anymore for some odd reason.  Funny because I'm kind of stuck where I'm on the "List files..." part and it won't list and I figure it has something to do with accidentally turning off the DS when I was in the middle of watching a video on it.  I just wanted to see if there was a quick way to fix or if I had to wait til I got home and did a firmware re-install.  Oh well.
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SamoZlo Ireland

  Fri, September 7th, 2007 at 10:02
check that last update (it was on ds-scene.net a week ago or something). there's a file with update and the readme file as well. quick format the DS-Linker, put the last update onto it and it should work fine.
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Homie Portugal

  Fri, September 7th, 2007 at 13:03
Don't forget that this review is 8 months old  :ras:
 » Comment on: DS-Linker Official Review
shineek Poland

  Sun, September 30th, 2007 at 16:01
their just changed their site address , i tought the site's dead too , but yesterday i found their site , here's the new address www.dslinker.cn

p.s. the new firmware works 50% faster then the last one , so its a big update

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