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  System Flaw - One of the first DSI Only games
Posted by TheJan1tor on Sun, January 17th, 2010 at 23:17 - 2 Comments
TheJan1tor United States

Well... I just bought System Flaw by Storm City Games. It is one of the first DSI Only games. Comes in a white box and is a white cartridge.
The game is ehhhh. A simple shooter. It responds really well to the camera. This game works best if you are in a swivel chair. You use the
R & L buttons to fire. I would of rather had it be the touch pad and the A button but what the hell. Two different modes of play. Patrol mode
where there are 100 different levels each increasing in difficulty. You can't get to the next level without passing the level before it.
Survival mode is you try to stay alive as long as possible.  There are different creatures and bosses. Bosses are harder but drop bigger rewards.
You pick up different color cells to give you better weapons or health. There are Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Green cells.
There is a Flawpedia that grows as you kill different flaws.  Some enemies are simple, some are annoying like the hugger where you have to
shake your screen to get it to fall off, some are time-bomb who will detonate after a certain amount of time.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a strong 5.  I was amazed how well it responds to the camera though. And the sounds correspond to the movement
as well.

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TheJan1tor United States

  Sat, January 23rd, 2010 at 23:34
Here is a video of System Flaw I made.

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Triforce United Kingdom

  Sun, January 24th, 2010 at 01:17
That video came out nice considering you were holding a DSi in one hand, a camera in the other, and spinning around on a swivel chair. Job well done i say


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