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  PassCard Official Review - Read the official review inside
Posted by Vaskituh on Wed, December 13th, 2006 at 18:01 - 4 Comments
Vaskituh Portugal



To execute arbitrary code to access data on GBA Flashcarts a PassMe was needed. The problem was that they were too big and stuck out like SuperPass. Soon there would be newer firmware for the Nintendo DS that wouldn’t allow PassMe´s to work.
Later PassMe 2 was created that could be programmed to work with the newer firmware but many people didn’t know how to set it up.

PassMe and PassMe 2 soon evolved into NoPass´s such as SuperKey and PassCard. They are exactly the same structure as a normal DS card and allow you to execute code from all the Flashcarts in slot-2.

Exactly like SuperKey, PassCard works on any Nintendo DS without any trouble of trying to program it.


As the Package of PassCard is really small, just like a 8 cm Mini CD, along side the box is the PassCard itself. The Box is very simple with red and black graphics.

Build Quality

PassCard is exactly the same size as a normal DS Cart, and the build quality is almost the same.


Plug and Play... Easy as hell, you just need to insert it on Slot-1 and Power On, and you are ready to go !
Worked like a charm with every flashcart i used, in particular, SuperCard, and M3.


The only problem with it, is the extra battery consumption and boot screen whenever you turn on your Nintendo DS. The battery consumption is fairly minor though so i think we can say it's perfect and it works flawlessly.

+ Almost the same Quality, and is the same size as a DS Cart
+ Fully compatible with any DS model
+ Works with all the main Flashcards available
+ No update or programming needed
+ Sleepmode and native DS function compatible

- Minimum extra battery consumption
- Boot screen image can’t be disabled

Overall Score


DS-Scene would like to thank KickTrading for sending us a sample of PassCard for reviewing porpouses, and we expect to have more stuff from them to review.

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muggsy New Zealand

  Wed, December 13th, 2006 at 19:00
Thanks Kick Trading.. great to see another hardware review up here...... letting our memers know where to go and what to get.....
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Vaskituh Portugal

  Wed, December 13th, 2006 at 19:05
Muggsy expect this weekend a review of both M3 Mini SD, and SuperCard Mini SD ;)
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retrohead United Kingdom

  Wed, December 13th, 2006 at 19:13
Yeah it's been really nice of them to let us have these cards and I would like to thank Kicktrading aswell. It's good to finally have the missing link filled and hopefully this and many new friendships can be gained as time continues!
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george1992 Australia

  Fri, October 26th, 2007 at 07:26
FUCK PASSCARDS mine didnt work from the start and ive gota pay a heap of money to send it to America. luckily i found a site here where i can get one cheap 15 aus bucks

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