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  Wacky Races Crash and Dash Review - By me - slickrikki
Posted by slickrikki on Sat, June 21st, 2008 at 23:13 - 0 Comments
slickrikki United Kingdom

Wacky Races Crash And Dash has been released on the Nintendo DS and i'm pleased to reports it's been a success.

For those of us who remember the popular TV series you can really rekindle some of the lost magic, you'll remember Dick Dastardly and Mutley pulling out all the stops and were dedicated to cheating there way to victory. Nothing's changed, at regular intervals during races Dick and Mutley will have a minigame trap set out for the player. From connecting dots to fixing flat tires you really will be under true Wacky Racer style conditions. This game is a fast paced thriller for all the family.

WRC&D features in race minigames which keep the player on their toes, many of them involve avoiding Dick and Mutleys crazy traps. At the end of the races players go for the grand finale in which they can blow into the microphone to make or break your race.

The game allows players to use all of the cast from the original TV show and use some of the original routes from the original show too. From Penelope Pitstop to the Slag Brothers, all characters have a wide choice of weaponry to take down rivals.

WRC&D features online play enabling players to race with friends and really share the crazy carnage this game has to offer, the game also features excellent graphics and sounds to really make this game the package so to speak. Eidos have really done a good job with this title.  

Overall, this game really is a contender to be the best racing game for DS of all time, certainly giving Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart a run for there money. Family fun at it's best defines this Wacky Racers game.  


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