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  Rockman ZX Advent - Megaman ZX Advent
Posted by soliunasm on Wed, October 24th, 2007 at 10:35 - 0 Comments
soliunasm United States

I really should be doing a report...

Great action game and is a lot of fun.

Megaman ZX Advent is really nothing but another game from the Megaman franchise. The game is good and the fighting is fun, but is it really worth it?


Something continuing the storyline of ZX. Dunno so I can't comment on this one.
Rating: N.A./10


The controls are simple, but I found that the bosses are really easy, even the final boss only took me 3 minutes to beat:/
The levels are the hardest part, even with every single boss/soul:/
However, the many things you can do in this game is quite a step up from Megaman ZX.
Rating: 6.5/10


There are several mini-games which can be accessed from the Arcade in town(I believe D sector) which are unlocked throughout gameplay, usually gotten from gathering a certain soul.
There are also "Mini-games" sort of like quests which is a new system in Megaman ZX Advent, where you go into certain rooms and need to kill onslaughts of enemies in order to get items, or get through an area in a certain amount of time.
Most of the quests that the people give you require you to either do a mini game or talk to certain people.
The quests system is a hassle though, because if you don't know where the people are, it won't really be that easy, even if you get tons of energy crystals:/
Rating: 7/10


Well, first starts off with our new protagonists, Grey and Aile(Correct me on the girls name) who come from their aquatic tank from a deep slumber(Megaman Zero *cough*) and are awakened by soldiers...So basically it's Megaman Zero more or less. I picked Grey, and he's just cool :P
Second are all the new bosses and the new system. The game now lets you absorb boss souls and use them. The game takes this to an advantage where a lot of the secret areas require you to use a certain boss' ability to get what you want, or to get across certain chasms that you couldn't cross before.
Rating: 8/10


A - Secondary attack
B - Jump
Y - Normal weapon 1
X - Soul/Boss change
L - Dash
R - Normal weapon 2
Touch screen - Map/Quick Soul/Boss changer

The touch screen Soul/Boss changer made it a lot faster to change your souls/bosses, but you sort of needed to know where the characters where before it actually became of any help. The buttons from the original ZX remained the same so if you are just starting to play from the original, you'll have fun.
Rating: 8/10


The game is a great addition to the ZX saga, but the time it took to get the souls was hours apart rather than the boss souls which took less than half an hour to amass two of them.
The new Model A was awesome, but a bit overpowered with the full-map attack.
Otherwise, if you are a fan of the Megaman Zero series, you will like this game, I recommend it for people who like Megaman sidescrollers or are new to the Megaman Genre :)

I give this game a rating of:


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