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  Saiyuuki Kinkaku, Ginkaku no Inbou - Son... a journey(Not DBZ)
Posted by soliunasm on Sat, September 8th, 2007 at 15:12 - 1 Comments
soliunasm United States


Continuation of the Son Goku folklore legend.

You are Son Goku, traveling with your friends and the princess and some evil monster kidnaps her. You and your friends must rescue her to reclaim peace in the land!

Not really sure exactly what this game was about. I know it had to do with the Son Goku monkey king storyline...
Rating: N.A./10


Monsters. Will. Rape.
The monsters are way overpowered, and the bosses after the first one will kill you in three hits flat. There are items that hurt you, but the diamonds, HP recharge and Energy recharge are very generous.
Rating: 6/10


In order to gain your skills, you need to get "Peaches" which you buy from a lady on the map for 50(Small), 100(Medium), or 150(Large) and each one makes you last longer, so small gives you one try, medium gives two, large gives 3.
The only problem with them is that the enemies are either overpowered, or you take half your health if you touch anything.
Rating: 6/10


There's quite a bit to appeal to this game.
From using an assassin to a monk to the Monkey King, you can make your own special combos and more.
The monsters are very well designed, though I think they could have added more sound to the bosses.
The bosses are quite hard, because they oppose a gigantic challenge, where as normal bosses can usually be killed in a couple minutes, but No, you have to make perfect strategies and plan your magic perfectly to kill them.
Rating: 8/10


Pretty straightforward, A to cast magic, B to jump, Y to attack, X to change characters, Start to Pause, R and L to change between spells.
The only problem with the game is not the control, but the "Friction", because you slide around a lot.
Rating: 7/10


This game is a great side-scroller action game, filled with many spells, and many ways to make strategies on how to fight bosses.
The way Goku argues in Japanese is utterly hilarious, and it proposes a challenge when you want to fight a boss, because they are nothing like any other bosses in any other games(Besides Contra).
I recommend this game for the average side-scroll action player and people who just want to play a fun game.

I give this game a rating of:


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Triforce United Kingdom

  Sat, September 8th, 2007 at 15:49
Nice review i really enjoyed this game, the graphics and sound are great.
I thought the only problem was the control sucked a little and the yeah the bosses are super hard.
I didnt finish it though, im gonna go back and play it again.

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