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  Contact - Full-on Action game!
Posted by soliunasm on Sat, September 1st, 2007 at 11:17 - 2 Comments
soliunasm United States


Think of it like Tales of Symphonia and Secret of Mana having a baby.

Your name is "(Insert your name here)" and you see a strange sight, two planes fighting and one crashing. Here you meet the professor, you finds out you can see him and he needs your help. He wants you to help him collect "Cells" to power and repair his ship and also make it so the bad people can't get to them.
Here we move onto the character named "Terry", a young kid, who looks to be 15/16 years of age. You have to guide Terry around, collecting cells, while fighting off evil monsters and people.
If the bad people obtain the cells, they want to awaken a demonic dragon beast that can destroy everything and anything it wants so that they can conquer Earth.

It seemed like a normal RPG story with the twist of you being communicated to without Terry knowing of your existence and it's set in a futuristic theme.
Rating: 7.5/10


There are many different ways to play this game.
Normal Fighting: Normally, you press 'B' and you initiate a fight sequence. Every second Terry and the monster will take turns battling(In real time) and exchanging blows till one dies.
Ability Fighting: During battles, you will collect these little green bars after a monster dies. They can be used to attack with abilities like Power Strike(Where you smash down for some damage with a blunt weapon). You can gain more abilities by leveling up your Fist/Sword/hammer weapon levels or your Costume Magic Levels.
Costume Magic: In order to use magic or special skills, you need to have a costume. Example are like this;
Aqua shot will allow you to use Water Magic.
Knuckle Mole will allow you to use Rock Magic.
Nitro Boost will allow you to use Fire Magic.

All in all, the battle system is really fun and the gameplay is fun as well, especially with Decals that alter the gameplay like summoning Mochi to attack people or stun them (if you play with him while Terry Sleeps) or the Star Power decal which heals you completely while stunning your opponents.
Rating: 8.5/10


There was one mini-game which didn't really seem like one...but it was basically petting Mochi till Terry woke up.
Rating: 3/10


The appeal for me was the real-time fighting(Which I just love) and also the special abilities you gain while wearing different clothes.
Rating: 7/10


Very easy to get accustomed to and fun as well, especially because it's in real time.
Rating: 7.5/10


This game is great if you live PRG's with good storyline, it has real-time fighting and ability-gain system which makes completing the game so much more worth it. Not to mention you can fight a Golden Cow that kills you in one hit after you beat the game.
I recommend this game for people over the age of 13 at least, younger kids might find it hard, but who am I to say it.

I give this game a rating of:


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SCHUMI-4-EVA South Africa

  Sat, September 1st, 2007 at 12:17
Good review and good game  :)
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Fiend United States

  Wed, September 5th, 2007 at 07:20
good review, but i bought this game before i got my R4 and sold it back the same day. its just soooo boring to me. But keep up the informative reviews man  smile

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