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  Kirby's Squeak Squad - Member Review - Average
Posted by soliunasm on Mon, August 6th, 2007 at 20:36 - 1 Comments
soliunasm United States


Well, I thought this game was going to be pretty nice, but then when I started playing it, it just felt like a cheap ripoff of Kirby.

The game is about you trying to get back at DeeDeeDee for stealing your cake so you go to kick his ass. Meanwhile, on your journeys you discover the "Squeak Squad", a band of Mice bandits that want to collect the treasure that will give them the "Ultimate Power"(Which DeeDeeDee has of course, no doubt)so when you give DeeDeeDee what he deserves, the Squeak Squad steals the "Ultimate Power" from DeeDeeDee, so he picks up Kirby and lops him at the Squeak Squad which causes you to fall into a gigantic pit. Then you must fight the Squeak Squad to reclaim your cake and the treasure!

If you are a person who grew up playing Kirby, you will feel really...strange. Like you're angry but also sad at the same time. The game seems like a mockery of the Kirby genre. Mainly because of the stupid plot line, and the fact that you can only keep three skills at all times, but half the time you have 2-4 slots filled with chests. Half the rewards suck really bad, and it doesn't stick to the Kirby theme of "You only can hold one skill, so if you don't have it at a secret part, re-do" and the cutsey little puffball just seems sad all the time.
The skills are almost meaningless, seeing as there are times when you need three skills but can only have 2 because of the chests. You can't drop anything which makes it even harder, so you need to re-do the level when you have all the skills you need.
The unique feature in this game is the touch screen's "Food Combine" ability. It allows you to merge two foods into a better item. Like Meat + Cherry = Max Tomato(Don't ask...).


It seemed really bad. I mean, you are eating cake then DeeDeeDee steals it and you decide to go Rambo all over his ass. Then the mice that want to kill you for finding treasure...
I couldn't stick with it, every level I was getting attacked by these mice and I didn't see any reason for that...
Rating: 4.0/10


The controls were awkward. L, R and X all disabled your skill, B was suck, Y and A was jump.
The controls were really slippery it felt like I was always going to hit an enemy(Which I did) every time I got close.
The "5 items and you can't pick up anymore" rule was really terrible. Most of the time, you have 2-3 treasure chests with you and you need food or skills with you at all times because the bosses hit half of your health down in one hit most of the time, even the Squeak Squad can kill you in three attacks, not to mention that the Gigantic treasure chest drops every time you get hit by a Squeak Squad member.
Rating : 3.0/10


From what I saw(Got to area 5 and couldn't take anymore), there are none. The closest you get to a mini-game is the part where you shoot yourself at food after you clear a level.
Rating: 2.0/10


The only thing that appealed to me in this game was the food merging. I thought Kirby would be awesome, but he dies too fast and takes too many hits because there are so many enemies throwing stuff at you and flying to you.
Rating: 5.0/10


This game is very strange and totally unlike a normal, original Kirby game. The controls were awful and as I said before, the items system totally sucks. Plot line seemed very idiotic as all you do is go around beating the living hell out of mice because an evil dictator stole your cake and you want to beat him as well.
This game seemed very rushed and to alien for me.

I give this game a rating of:


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SHiLLySIT United States

  Mon, August 6th, 2007 at 23:04
i actually really enjoy this game. it reminds me of nightmare in dreamland on the gba but slightly more amped up. but then again i'm not a diehard fan of kirby.

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