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 » Comment On: - Balance DS Motion Controlled
Crass United States

  Mon, June 25th, 2007 at 02:26
XDelusion Yesterday at 23:05

I imagine if they can emulate the PC Mouse someway with DS Motions, then we´ll have another Wiimote for the PC. Until then, I hope a lot of coders for the DS take advantage of this and go crazy with the Marble Madness clones, as for PC´s well I hope some decent Hobby OS´s such as BeOS (Haiku) and Amiga OS get driver support for this, I´d hate to see coders wasting more time on an OS that has failed to prove itself as reliable and resource friendly over the past 20 years.

Despite whatever bad past expirences you´ve had with M$, or whatever bias you hold against them the fact of the matter is Windows is the predominate operating system. Something like 95% of computers on the net are windows machines, so spending all the resources and time developing this to work on windows makes the most sense in terms of getting it out to the public and to the lower-knowledge users. Coding this for Hobbyiest OS´s where only a few thousand people in the world play with would be a drastic waste of time, not only due to the fact of the many diffrent OS´s and versions between them, but for the fact that you may spend 100 hours developing this software to an incredibly small group of DS users. Out of all the people using Amiga OS (which is great, dont get me wrong, i LOVE amgia) how many do you think own a DS, and of thoes that own a DS how many of them would own a flashcart.

Yes MS is the big evil beast, we all love to make fun of it and hate on them, but really when it comes to trying to get your program out to the most people, it only makes sense to develope it for the windows platform.

And really, how long can a person sit and have fun playing Marble Madness clones without going freakin insane and smashing their heads into brick walls.

theres me 2 cents.

*edited on 2007/06/25 02:28:49 by Crass

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