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 » Comment on: 5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 (JPN) (512Mbit) (iND)
JonVeliky1986 United States

  Wed, February 28th, 2018 at 22:34
Yo, Agus1995. The link you provided is no longer around. I was wondering if it is a Lunar IPS patch file? If you can, and if it is an IPS file, PM me or upload it to Mega or Mediafire.

Been at this for nearly 2 years, and can’t get passed the white screen that leads to the Mii creator on TWLoader.

Before anyone asks, I do have the legit Japanese release cart, but wanted to do this in English, and whether straight from the 3DS SD card via TWLoader, an R4 card, or using the patched rom jjjewel released on top the legit cart, nothing is happening. The patched rom on top of the legit cart causes MASSIVE slow down. And I can’t wait 5 minutes between load screens to make it an enjoyable playthrough.

If you can, help. Also, xdelta keeps giving me “bad magic number” if its with an xdelta file no matter what I do(whether the right way or not). I’m more preferable to Lunar IPS. Again, help.

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