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 » Comment on: SuperCard Magic Homebrew Patcher 0.2
xXx_lucario_xXx Hong Kong

  Sat, February 4th, 2017 at 16:08
Help! I'm having some trouble!
I've been playing Black 2 on R4 with my DSlite using the Wood R4 kernel half a year ago
(because I didn't have the money to get a retail copy then).
I'm using the version 1.62 download link here
Since then I've fallen in love with the game, and I saved up and bought myself a retail copy of Black 2 recently.
I also got a 3DS and downloaded Pokemon Dream Radar in hopes of getting a few more Pokemon.
As such I've been hoping to transport my save file from the R4 to the cartridge.
I went on Pokemon Project and I decided to try the Original DS or DS Lite AND a slot 2 flashcart that can run NDS homebrew option, since I also have a SuperCard SD Lite which was purchased second-hand.
As such I downloaded the Savegame Manager version 0.3.0.
Following the included instructions, I tried to import the .nds file to my miniSD card by transforming it into the .dsq format by using SuperCard formatter version 2.71, and I imported the .nds file as I would a standard NDS rom.
However, when I ran the program, the .dsq file created was empty, in the sense that its file size was 0 bytes, and that when I opened the file in notepad.exe it was completely devoid of anything; not even blank characters.
As such I went online to seek help: I stumbled across this software, which is described to allow homebrews to run on SuperCard.
Thus I downloaded the above and used it to make my .nds file into a .sc.nds file
I repeated the conversion to .dsq, but it still yielded the same empty .dsq file
You did mention using "patch moomshell for super card.exe, but that didn't come with the SuperCard Formatter files; thus I downloaded it separately from another file with a v.2.55 SuperCard Formatter here.
However, the software would only accept _BOOT_MP.nds, which my .sc.nds wasn't
As a result, or not, I instead used the 'all files' option to select the .sc.nds file;
which gave me the not find SC code! error.
I repeated with the original .nds file to the same effect.
So, I'd like to ask for help with my effort to run Savegame Manager on my SuperCard Lite to migrate my .sav file from R4 to retail cartridge.
Thank you!

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