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 » Comment on: Pokémon Sun & Moon announced
Nathan Slovenia

  Mon, December 19th, 2016 at 22:51
I absolutely agree, and the Poké Ride music is just too goofy. At least it doesn't trigger in certain areas and the normal music keeps playing. I just wonder how long this gen is going to be. The first event legendary is already out, so there's only one unavailable Pokémon anymore which will probably be released end of next year, unless they're going to wait a year for that Pikachu with a hat as well. Kalos had three event legendaries and that didn't even get a third game, sequel, or anything.

Speaking of Kalos, the way Zygarde was added into the game was stupid. "Here's a box, collect 100 cells, then report back and you get Zygarde, which is the protector of Kalos and it's here in Alola spread all over the place because I don't know." A little bit more wouldn't have hurt, and a map/counter to tell you where you're missing some cells could have been useful.

From good designs to an interesting region (the entirety of Poni Island is just great) to NPCs who do more than just sit in their gym there's a lot to like, but some things look like they were cut short for no reason and the framerate on the old 3DS, especially in Festival Plaza, is incredibly bad. Black and White remain king, but Sun and Moon are close.

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