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 » Comment on: Pokémon Sun & Moon announced
Athmel United States

  Thu, November 17th, 2016 at 03:08
The water starter has the best final evolution of the three I think. I like the grass one, but most pokemon with skin/fur-clothes bug me. So fire-cat's belt is bleh. I heard you can import Ash-Greninja into the game if you played the demo, but as Greninja is ugly (with his tongue scarf) and the Ash variant even more so, I don't think I'll be doing that.

Overall, I think the game has some issues. Visually, I hate the way the protagonist walks - like he's special, he swings his arms too much which made me choose to run everywhere. And then there's the fact that 95% of time he has this dopey expression on his face.


This wouldn't be an issue if the other characters didn't have varied expressions. He comes across like a doll.

The game is also pretty easy, most trainers have one pokemon. I mean, it is annoying catching a breeder with six pokemon or a fisherman with six magikarp, but this is too far in the other direction. Also, I couldn't find any pants/trousers to buy, I know it's Hawaii but I'm sure some people wear pants/trousers there.

On the plus side traveling is independent of your pokemon choices. So you no longer have to deal with hm slaves or try to implement them into your team; don't wanna teach gyarados surf? Don't have to! Though I would've let you use your own pokemon if you had them. I like most of the new pokemon and I like the region and the idea it - I'll actually check in with the series once Ash gets there. I also like most of the npc's as well, even your rival who is pure diabetes.

If the idea is they're trying to pull in the Yo-Kai Watch people, then it'll probably work.

This post has been edited by Athmel, Thu, November 17th, 2016 at 03:11

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