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 » Comment on: XXXX - Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 (EUSA) (2048Mbit) (ex0dus)
Necr0mancer Australia

  Tue, April 2nd, 2013 at 01:53
You guys are probably going "wha?" so I'll explain.
Hacker 'ex0dus' recently sent this ROM to one of our staff. With no explanation on how he got it, we sent him an email and replied with this:

ive always thought capcom made this game. so i tried to confirm it by hacking there systems.
low and behold, here it was, sitting in there 'development' folder. i dont know if its finished, but its pretty awesome!

so you guys enjoy.

So here you go.
The ROM is lying around somewhere on a ROM site as ex0dus gave it to a few of those. so happy hunting!


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