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 » Comment on: Nintendo Direct - Valentine's Day Edition
Yatterman Finland

  Wed, February 27th, 2013 at 16:50
There will be a patch for MHU in Japan that allows online. But you have to have Wii U with Nintendo's own LAN peripheral (or something)... Anyways, I went and bought a Wii U.

Also got ZombiU for it. I already regret the whole thing. Seriously, is anyone able to play ZombiU with that pad? It is pure torture. I have Nintendo Land too, haven't touched that crap at all. It sounds even worse than Zombi. Damn you, would that 22nd of March come soon... I wanna killah some monstah.

And who the heck has designed that Internet system... it took goddamn four hours to get my console into net. And I had to check some shady hints from Internet first (seriously, add +10 to IP??? What the hay) Oh well, I have a Wii U now. Yippee.

Well, maybe I will give the console some time before totally judging it, but for now its future looks pretty grim. MiiVerse sucks though, big time.

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