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 » Comment on: PlayStation 4 Announced!
Tibia821 Germany

  Thu, February 21st, 2013 at 21:06
uhm no start/select button but a share button? Ok maybe the start and Select button will be on the touch screen but still what if it breaks? YOU NEVER GONNA PAUSE AGAIN!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
and why does the Menu look like my Windows 8 Metro?
I like Windows 8 but Sony is copying again D:

And don't forget your Kinect Copy
Thought we would forget did ya?

I always thought Playstation was the more Hardcore Side of the Gaming Franchise (that i don't like, at least i don't like the People behind Sony)
but now they are heading for Social Gaming? I already see it coming


XXXPussySlayer1337XXX has shared a Photo
description: Lol u fags luk at mah skills i headshot ur mum while doing her! lululululululul go get a life yo homos!

Yeah... The Gaming Era is heading in the right Direction with this... *looses faith*

OH! and don't forget that we did not implement Backwards compatibility just for our fans <3

I really hoped for something Fresh and New that is Innovating at the same time this time around... well my last hope stands on Microsoft if they don't do something new then i Guess my money will stay on the Side of PC Gaming and Nintendo. And feel free to Stab me if you want i wont run away ^^

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