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 » Comment on: Game Center CX 2 translation project underway
Kon-Tiki Belgium

  Tue, January 29th, 2013 at 16:45
From what I gather, it's the same thing. All info online seems to mention both at the same time, and link to the same page. Game Center CX seems to also be a video game show on Japan, and gets called the Top Gear of video games. Judging from the text of the RGC2 translation team, one of them's also translating the show. Not sure how it all comes together to become the same thing or so, though.

Wait, my cent is starting to drop...

In the screenshots, you can see a copyright trademark with "Game Center CX" in there. That Arino guy is the presentor of the TV show. So I guess that in Japan, the show is called "Game Center CX", to make it clear that it's a game based on the TV show. As happens frequently, the name gets changed when translating the game into English. So I guess it's the same game, but Japanese / Western name.

Me so smart chill

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