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 » Comment on: Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Animated Trailer
Zilchrion United States

  Sat, August 18th, 2012 at 11:12
idk, if you take the turn base out you are no longer playing pokemon anymore. might as well just make a new franchise. its 2012 and dragon worrier still uses 1987 nes sound fx!?!

you probably only feel this way bc time is perceived faster these days where people think last week was a "long time ago" and because the ds had 2 generations pokemon while you feel that nintendo should of just did something for the 3ds. my guess is that they still are. platinum really isnt that old, it was released only 3 years ago in usa/eu 09. face it, if black and white didnt come out youd still have a pokemon itch and cursing down the days till when you can play a new game with turnbase pokemon action. let alone b&w2 ( a gd expansion) has a different storyline.

are the generations supposed to improve? or just update? bc red to gold was the same but gold was updated. gold to ruby the game wasnt improved. ruby to diamond they added internet. each game is a update not improvement and it doesnt have to improve bc it didnt happen in the 3rd installment and from there most knew what was happening. Yea seem repetitive but so is each season of football, although even then its different every time.

I THOUGHT PPL LIKED POKEMON BC IT WAS AN RPG NOT BC IT HAS A COOL STORY. did pokemon ever have a cool story? nope. ppl like pokemon bc inside the game with all of its complicated stats, collecting and mechanics, outside the game its just a relaxing, mildly stressful way to enjoy time.  

in all honesty they could of stopped making games after the original gold and silver and no one would of cared. but im glad they didnt bc i like playing RPGs and gamefreak's perpetual recreation and growth of a universe that include battles with pokemon keeps my brain stimulated and entertained.  

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