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 » Comment on: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
okamiki Portugal

  Tue, May 29th, 2012 at 17:18
It looks like this is going to be a 2.5D game by MercurySteam. ( Nathan won´t care :) )
Players fight with Trevor Belmont’s version of the Combat Cross. Pressing the “X” button will result in strong attacks while the “Y” button yields attacks with a rider range.

Secondary weapons including an electric bomb and boomerang-like glaive are included. These can be accessed with “A”.

Other actions include blocking/dodging with “L” and grabbing enemies with “R”. Koanmi is promising deep combat mechanics.

Mirrors of Fate will feature the return of light and shadow magic, experience points for combo unlocks (such as throwing foes into the air and to the ground), and more.

This is the next big teaser from Nintendo Power!


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