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 » Comment on: Aozora Bunko NDS ver.20120506
Yatterman Finland

  Thu, May 17th, 2012 at 20:14
Cool. Wonder if there are any Edogawa Ranpo's books there... Edogawa Ranpo is a legendary mystery writer, he created the Japanese "Sherlock Holmes", Akechi Kogorou and Shounen Tantei-dan (Meitantei Conan is full of Ranpo stuff). Too bad none of Akechi novels haven't been translated, or made into anime. There is a succesful drama though but it was aired in the 80s and it's impossible to find.

Is there a function to turn kanji into hiragana and katakana... that pic doesn't have any kanji which is quite rare in Japanese literature. Maybe I will check this thing out sometimes.

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