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 » Comment on: XXXX - Shaymin Distribution 2009 *MULTi5* (EUR) (64Mbit) (iND)
kyleglor United States

  Sat, February 27th, 2010 at 01:55
Ok does anyone have the LEGIT USA version of the shaymin distribution,Or does this one send out the usa ones 2. I am also looking for the secret key and arceus distro carts I actually believe there all three on the 2009 distro cart which you guys call the shaymin distro cart. A little tip if u have a acekard (like I do) or another loader you can still send out the expired events by changeing the date on your ds to the date of the event (remember to do it on the recipients ds 2 because the wondercard date goes by thiers). For example my friend who missed the pichu event i just got it to him off of the 2010 cart which also has jirachi on it. has anyone else noticed that the events can normally be distributed a week before it happens. also you can jump forward to events that havnt happend yet (The 2010 cart on here is GAMESTP's which only has Pichu and Jirachi.

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