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 » Comment on: i0005 - New Chaoji Maliou Xiongdi (CHI) (256Mbit) (High-Road)
phoenixclaws United States

  Wed, August 5th, 2009 at 02:30
There are only 5 official Chinese iQue DS games. There are a TON of pirated/translated to Chinese games.

As I recall, the iQue DS has another processor? and if I remember correctly this handles an extra Chinese character table and it prevents iQue DS games from running properly on a NDS/L/i as far as I know.

If you try to run one on your DS(i) flashcard you only get a "Only on iQue DS" warning.

See this link on the official iQue website.

Note that in the list that the current iQue DS rom (New Super Mario Bros) happens to be the latest released iQue DS game.

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