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 » Comment on: XXXX - Action Replay DS v1.54 (UNIVERSAL) (128Mbit) (iND)
vanth88 United States

  Tue, April 22nd, 2008 at 06:03
I figured I would post on how to update the usercheat file in the system dir for M3 Simply(might work for Real) and R4.

You'll need Cheat Code Editor(latest is 1.01) and Action Replay DS code manager software. You can find Cheat Code editor here under the download section(Downloads>PC Software>Development) and you can find the Action Replay DS software here.

Install the software and run it. Click Software Update at the top right just to make sure your running the latest version. Afterwards run it again(if you do update) and drag and drop the subscriptions(code lists) you want down to my code lists(tip: delete my codelist or whatever thats their if you like).

Finally run Cheat Code Editor and go to file>import xml and go to X:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists and select the code list you want and click ok. When your done adding all the lists you want then click the save icon or go to file>save and save it to your system file and overwrite your usercheat.dat .

Do NOT use this method to overwrite the cheat.dat file because you cannot update it(that I know of). This is a lot better then the AR in my honest opinion.

By the way what software can I use to hack DS games? I always liked the trainer thing in AR and I used to love using the GB Gameshark to hack my own codes.

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