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 » Comment on: XXXX - Action Replay DS v1.54 (UNIVERSAL) (128Mbit) (iND)
aparoid_x United States

  Mon, April 21st, 2008 at 21:48
Yeah, at this point, the ARDS is virtually useless. You've got flashcards with built-in cheats (most all of them nowadays), and if you have commercial games, you can just use NitroHax. Granted, it's not as user friendly as the ARDS itself, but it's $25 less (aka FREE) and uses .xml cheats.

The only reason for buying this is in conjunction with Datel's Trainer Toolkit, which lets you make your own ARDS cheats. But there are several (again, FREE) methods of making your own cheats, so again, this is pointless.

Although since this is a ROM, I wonder if it will work on a slot-1 flashcard... :huh:

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