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 » Comment on: Radiant Silvergun DS - Early Alpha Video
wizlon United Kingdom

  Thu, April 17th, 2008 at 08:16
I'm very impressed retro, I tried making a 2d shooter, but ultimately had a lot of trouble with sprite reallocation, sprites kept screwing up.

My one criticism of it, which is actually nothing to do with the gameplay per se, is why have you called it Radiant Silvergun DS? From what I can see based on You Tube videos (because I've never played RS)you aren't replicating the game inch by inch, attack patterns aren't the same, the sword doesn't work exactly the same (although it is cool) and the power ups won't be the same. It is convenient to use the graphics, but why put yourself at the mercy of the copyright holders when you could use the engine (a rather good one judging by the video) in something original, albeit with ideas and concepts borrowed from other games.

I don't mean to put down any of the work you have done of course, because it is excellent, but it's just be aversion to people in the scene ripping of established franchises to sell a poor game (which you obviously don't need to do).

Whatever happens, I can't wait to play it :D

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