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Rob_Threat United States

  Wed, January 24th, 2007 at 01:15
Today at 00:35

Is it possible to ask if the DS Opera Browser works (after hacking it) with this?

Sadly, no. It says it doesnt in the patch *.nfo, but Ive tried with DSLink & M3 Simply with the SuperCard and M3 patches... no joy.

Also, to add very minor corrections to the to otherwise good first review:

1. G6Lite is available in 4gb/512MB only (a 8gb/1GB version has been annouced) The previous G6 (the so-called 3rd Generation) was available in 1gb/128MB, 2gb/256MB, & 4gb/512MB.

2. The PDA is not built-in other than the G6 OS has an icon for it. It takes up a lot of the limited space (and it sucks).:)

edit: hey! it's working! thanx. :yaylite:

*edited on 2007/01/26 07:42:09 by Rob_Threat

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