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 » Comment On: - M3 DS Simply Official Review
FifthE1ement United States

  Thu, January 11th, 2007 at 08:37
Great review vash! I see you have a DSLinker too! I have one on the way but it looks to also be a great device!

I have a very detailed review on www.Moddz.com that goes through three different microSD cards, DS Download play and more. My SuperCard DS (ONE) was faulty and Im waiting on a new one but from what I hear its the same as the NinjaPass. The M3 and R4 are nothing like the Ninjapass. Performance is amazing with no slowodowns with even the crappiest slowest microSD cards. Check out the review of both the M3 DS Simply and R4 Revolution (two different reviews) www.moddz.com

FifthE1ement :yaylite:

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