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 » Comment on: DS-Linker Official Review
SamoZlo Ireland

  Wed, September 5th, 2007 at 16:19
I've got DS-Linker, and would like to add some things about it.
- homebrew work. well - most of homebrew at least. Geo-Wars is the only homebrew program, that didn't work on mine DSLite. DS Organize, Moonshell, QuakeDS, etc. - they all work fine. all you need to do is to update the firmware.
- something's wrong with my DS-Linker, cause it loses saves if I turn off the console after playing and don't turn it on again in less than 5-10 seconds. looks like the battery that keeps savegames in memory is dead or something. it's annoying, but I used to it. but I have to remember to turn on the console again after playing, o to the DSLinker menu, and turn it off after that. 5 seconds lost ;)
- transfer to the DS Linker. it's bit funny. I've got a PC with Windows Vista and XP on it. when I boot Vista the transfer to the DS Linker is SLOW. it's VERY SLOW. about 30-40 kBytes/s. and I've got all the drivers for USB, mainboard, etc. installed. on the other hand, with XP - it's FAST. about 1300-1800 kBytes/s. the same hardware. latest drivers in both cases. so I use XP to transfer my files to the DS Linker. pain in the a~~ anyway.
- dslinker site doesn't work anymore or is it just something wrong with my internet connection? can anyone check that?


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