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 » Comment on: Swapnote - No more SpotPass!
Tibia821 Germany

  Fri, November 1st, 2013 at 20:30
And yet again another Nintendo console suffers from lack of communication because some idiots couldn't keep they pants shut.
I wonder when the Video talk feature of Wii U is getting removed.

No but seriously, Nintendo consoles are heavily suffering in terms of features because of this kids focus.
I remember when I picked up my Pokemon X at release date I saw all those little kids standing at the Apple products and probably playing angry birds while all the teenagers (12+) were standing at the Games section and were checking out the 2/3DS/Vita. I don't see the reason why to focus on this "More in smartphones interested" minority and remove cool features because of parents being incapable of watching over them.

I really liked this App and I'm not going to delete is since it has 2 Years full of memories about my handheld.
Let's see if Mii verse is going to have some sort of communication (if it ever comes out on 3DS)

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