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retrohead United Kingdom

  Sat, June 16th, 2007 at 22:29
acecombat2k2 Today at 20:42

Wow, 2 games didn´t work as opposed to only 2 working before. I stand by my theory that retrohead backs up shitty forum staff and that you are a crack whore who is probably 12 years old getting excited by a pink cover and buying a DS with your first paycheque sponsored by selling your drug dependant body
Funny how all the legit comments in the old post are just "Removed" and this one in place to stop you guys looking like complete fucknuts

Look, this has all been explained before and the reason I removed it was so people like you do not look like ´fucknuts´ for not forgiving someone for making a mistake on their first review, that is what happened the option was overlooked in the menu. This was all explained before and the only reason the review was left up was because I personally thought more of the people that visit these forums and thought you would give Toadette the time to explain herself. After she did this there were still comments made so I decided to remove the post completely as the new one was going to be posted by the end of the day anyway.

I stand by Ferretboys ban as you are obviously too immature to be posting here so you can keep your comments and Ninjapass fanboyism to yourself and go post elsewhere.

I am being asked to make an official appology about this but I dont see why we should as this was all explained within minutes of the review being posted in the first place and the appology was made clearly throughout. The review is now fixed as promised so you can now all stop complaining.

If anyone personally attacks Toadette or any other member on the forums, you will be banned instantly as it is against the rules.

If anyone doesnt like the way I run the forums, let me know and I will remove your account. There is no need to post crap about the way we do things, just take yourself elsewhere. You just make youself look like dicks in the process like this guy here.


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