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 » Comment on: Flash files for popular Flash Carts (DSi 1.43 & 3DS 2.2.0-4)
Clookster Mongolia

  Tue, November 15th, 2011 at 07:33
Yes, that's possible. Thanks a lot. We'll keep an eye on this cart in the future, and we published a review about this cart already.

This sticky software & flash files threads are about a small collection of really popular carts now at the end of the classic Nintendo DS Scene.

This third flash Cart "Plus" from r4ids.com is not really popular right now, unfortunately. I'm sure it's a nice cart, but there are more than 200 flash carts (and 90% of them are DSTT carts as this one) and we can't list them all.

But maybe I'll add a general thread for Flash Cart discussion soon. There we could discuss "newcomers" and new purchases, if some guys like to collect Flash Carts (as I do).

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