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retrohead United Kingdom

  Wed, May 30th, 2007 at 19:34
Topspin Today at 19:12

looks good, but GBa games dont save?  Do you still have to do that combo of buttons to save it? Or is it a normal save?  I wish it worked like a normal save on my MiniSD :(

Well its not running "directly" from the Supercard in Slot 2 in the way that you launch the GBA roms from the slot 1 and i guess they havn´t figured a way to get the saves from the slot 2 onto the slot 1 microSD yet. It is a really nice feature though and it is pretty damn fast aswell just sucks completely that nothing saves AT ALL! I was expecting at least a match for the Supercard slot 2´s GBA support, should come in time though but how long it will take the Supercard team is anyones guess!

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